Gosch fish restaurant

The spectacular building of Sylt's fish restaurant "Gosch am Kliff" opens wide like a mussel. But something with such a lightweight appearance is also deeply rooted: the load-bearing steel construction elements go down over two storeys into the dune sand.

The ZINKPOWER Group provides its "ZINKPOWER Coating Premium" system to overcome extreme conditions, such as are experienced on Sylt: the steel components were hot-dip galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461, chemically pre-treated and then primed in a two-layer system initially with epoxy resin powder paint and, in a second coating process, powder coated with a weather-resistant polyester powder paint as a top coat, in this case in the shades RAL 7048 and RAL 3020. Overall, this corrosion protection system achieves a layer thickness of around 260-300 µm and fulfils corrosivity category C5-M.

Aluminium profiles were pre-anodized in accordance with GSB International KG quality guidelines for the glazing and pergola awnings: A 5 - 8 µm thick open-pored aluminium oxide layer was generated in a modified anodizing process, which offers a good adhesive base for the subsequent coating and prevents the latter from disbonding in a maritime climate by what is known as filiform corrosion. The aluminium profiles were then powder coated in shades RAL 7048 and RAL 3020.

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