ZINKPOWER Schörg and Meckenheim hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated balcony elements for the Kuvertfabrik Pasing quarter in Munich.

Living on the metropolitan periphery combines a number of advantages. The proximity to a naturally beautiful surrounding area can be combined with a distinct cultural life, shopping and gastronomy in the city centre. In the west of Munich, in the district of Pasing, five buildings with 167 condominiums of the upper class category were built around the listed Kuvertfabrik KUPA.

Proven support 

Accents are set by the numerous balconies and attics in a discreet grey-beige. As with other major projects, the metal construction company again relied on the proven support of ZINKPOWER for these 1,800 running metres, or sixty tonnes of steel.

Combined hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating

The galvanizing and powder-coating of the steel was carried out in close cooperation between the ZINKPOWER locations Schörg and Meckenheim. In this "cooperation against corrosion", Schörg was responsible for the organisation of handling and transport, while Meckenheim was responsible for the galvanizing and powder coating. 

The duplex coating selected - ZINKPOWER® COATING in the standard version - met the architects' desire for protection and aesthetics in equal measure. 

The ZINKPOWER coating programme combines the requirements of different corrosivity categories with the possibility of realising the colour design entirely according to the specifications of the end customer. In this case RAL 1019 grey beige.