Exclusiv at ZINKPOWER: Boliden „Low-carbon Zinc“

As the first company in the hot-dip galvanizing industry, we are now using "Low-carbon Zinc" in our galvanizing baths. Boliden is the first zinc manufacturer in the world who produce exclusively with renewable energy from hydro and wind power in Norway. 

As a "green galvanizer" and pioneer in the galvanizing industry in environmental protection and sustainability, the use of this zinc is a further step towards climate neutrality, our declared company goal. 

We are the first hot-dip galvanizers in the world to work with "Low-carbon Zinc"!

Since its foundation by Willi Kopf in 1973, sustainability has been a lived philosophy for all ZINKPOWER companies and is part of our DNA.  

For us, circular economy means putting everything to the test: avoid, reduce, compensate, reuse. Our own engineering and sustainability management team which builds, tests, improves and develops our plants, are dedicated to the management. Climate neutrality is our declared company goal. 

Our material zinc, which is durable, recyclable and reusable, contributes significantly to this.  

For our customers' suppy chain, this means that hot-dip galvanizing at ZINKPOWER significantly reduces the carbon footprint of their goods

Boliden "Low-carbon Zinc" is stated to be <1kg CO2/kg Zn. 

If you have any questions, please contact info@zinkpower.com

Fotos: Titel © Andrey Armyagov, Hände © RomoloTavani