• At ZINKPOWER, it's the highest quality of hot-dip galvanizing and fairplay in business guaranteed.

Values - Natural for our company

What`s still natural these days? At ZINKPOWER, it's the highest quality of hot-dip galvanizing. Yet that's not enough for us. What counts more for our customers and employees is that: We act ...

We not only talk about responsibility, we take responsibility:

Each year, we are involved in numerous social projects in the local environment of our plants. Their emphasis is mainly on promoting children who are reliant on support to obtain equal opportunities in education and participate in a social life.

… towards our customers:

  • Highest Group standards: consistently high quality and extensive service in every plant worldwide
  • The union of our Group makes us strong. We are in a position of delivering every contract, regardless of the complexity, with consistently high quality and comprehensive service from every plant worldwide. Just-in-time, wherever customers need us!
  • A family-managed Group of companies

… towards employees

  • Long-term objectives
  • Continuous investment in machinery, buildings and operating equipment

Trusting communication forms the basis of good cooperation. A key to our success is taking our local counterparts seriously and treating them in the same way that we would like to be treated.

That's what comes naturally to us.