Special services for our customers in USA and Mexico

ZINKPOWER Monterrey, S.A. de C.V.

We see ourselves as your partner, from the demands placed on a construction that can withstand galvanizing through the process to logistics. Our qulified team guarantees efficient processes in all areas and across the entire value-added chain, from one single source.

Zinc thermal spraying involves a zinc wire being fused by a flame or an electric arc and atomized by compressed air onto the workpiece. The zinc, still in liquid form creates a porous coating on the workpiece pre-treated by sand blasting and which has good corrosion protection properties similar to hot-dip galvanizing. A disadvantage is that cavities or places that are difficult to access, e.g., insides of containers or folds cannot be reached.


  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Very low thermal load on the workpiece compared with hot-dip galvanizing
  • Also no chance of distortion in the case of large surfaces

A polyurethane coating provides additional protection for the hot-dip galvanized surface. The process is used with steel elements, such as masts, which are subjected to increased exposure from stagnant water over a long period of time. The 2-component coating is applied in a spray process.

We can also use a refining sand blasting process, known as sweeping, to produce a surface finish on the hot-dip galvanized component for subsequent coating with paint.

We are able to artificially remove the shine from hot-dip galvanized parts for use in areas in which there is an extremely dry climate and the natural formation of what is known as the patina is slowed down. We achieve this through the use of an appropriate spray process for all hot-dip galvanized components. A seal can then be applied to the component.


We would be happy to handle the entire packaging and loading of hot-dip galvanized parts in accordance with customer requirements.


Galvanized goods have to be delivered directly to site to avoid unnecessary intermediate transport. We would be happy to offer to store ungalvanized as well as galvanized materials on our extensive storage areas for a period of time.

We are continuously holding seminars and workshops in which we explain hot-dip galvanizing and its production process. We show how an element needs to be designed and produced to guarantee an outstanding quality of hot-dip galvanizing. We explain the standards and guidelines in individual countries and compile documentation to achieve the best solutions.