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Powder coating is a corrosion protection process by which workpieces of aluminium, steel or galvanized steel are coated with polyester or polyester epoxy powder by means of an electrostatic charge (EPS). The powder is baked in with the workpiece at a temperature of approx. 180°C and then starts to run forming a coat of lacquer.

Under the generic term powder coating, ZINKPOWER offers powder coating for aluminium, ZINKPOWER Coating Systems (duplex) and coating on steel.

Simply perfect reliable

SIMPLE | Choose colour and degree of gloss or surface textures – we care for the rest
PERFECT | Highest corrosion protection for your steel
RELIABLE | One partner for hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating

The benefits of powder coating

  • Perfect corrosion protection for a long service life
  • Decorative appearance, unlimited colour variety
  • Improved mechanical strength compared to other surface coatings
  • Economical, thanks to innovative technology
  • Environmentally-sound process due to powder supply systems and environmentally-friendly coating materials
  • No drying needed, can be used straight away and transported immediately after coating

Our range of services

  • Duplex systems under one roof
    sand blasting, hot-dip galvanizing and final powder coating
  • Aluminium powder coating for corrosion protection combined with colour
  • Powder coating on steel
  • Professional advice on corrosion protection by our employees
  • For you on site
    Our collection services collect your goods and return them on schedule. Permanently employed, in-house drivers manage our collections and know their way around your local area. A seamless process is thereby guaranteed.

Film Powder Coating