• A perfect duplex-system is hot-dip galvanizing followed by color coating.

colour coating

Colour coating is suitable for components with complex geometries or high component weights.

Colour coating involves using various processes to apply coating materials to workpieces made of steel or hot-dip galvanized steel. It is known as a duplex system if the coating is then applied to a hot-dip galvanized finish and delivers a high level of corrosion protection in addition to adding colour.

We can offer a single or double-layer coating matched to the category of corrosivity.

The Advantages

  • High-level of corrosion protection
  • Decorative appearance, limitless colour range

Our range of services

  • ZINKPOWER Calbe coats hot-dip galvanized steel components

  • Our Group of companies means we can also offer you this service from many sites in Germany, Austria and Hungary