Duplex Coating

Apart from hot-dip galvanizing, it is possible to coat steel and hot-dip galvanized steel to guarantee comprehensive long-lasting corrosion protection. The surface finishing of hot-dip galvanized steel by zinc & colour coating – also called a duplex system – is a particularly high-quality corrosion protection system. Zinc and colour complement each other’s effectiveness to increase the duration of corrosion protection by 1.2 to 2.5-fold. This zinc and colour coating can either be applied in a colour coating process or by powder coating.

One-stop duplex coatings. With the unbeatable advantage of one contact for both surface treatments. Our qualified members of staff provide professional advice on the selection of the right corrosion protection class.


  • Corrosion protection for the long service life of the steel
  • Decorative appearance, unlimited colour variety
  • One-stop service