Our business is corrosion protection
  • Top Mountain Star, Austria. Hot-dip galvanized steel structure.

The Kopf Group

The Kopf Group consists of the ZINKPOWER® and POWER-CAST business units and employs over 2,000 people in 11 countries. The registered office of Kopf Holding GmbH is Kirchheim/Teck near Stuttgart, Germany.


We are one of the world’s leading hot-dip galvanizing groups.
We operate under the ZINKPOWER® brand with 37 hot-dip galvanizing sites in 10 countries in Europe, America and Asia. We are also known for the versatility of our plants as well as our quality and flexibility: from the smallest screws to steel girders, we are able to handle all components in our Group, wherever our customers need us. Environmental protection has always been an essential pillar of our corporate philosophy, right from the start.


The POWER-CAST Group combines traditional foundries under a single parent brand. With eight sites in Germany, the Czech Republic and Mexico, the POWER-CAST Group is capable of offering its customers high-precision aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloy die castings. Magnesium and aluminium system components complete our portfolio for the automotive industry.