ZINKPOWER has played a pioneering role in the hot-dip galvanizing industry for decades when it comes to ecology and sustainability. This is reflected in its industry-wide reputation as a “Green hot-dip galvanizing company” but is also visible in the company’s new and effective sustainability measures.

Corrosion protection with the ZINKPOWER Group is environmentally friendly and guarantees the highest quality. Now you can also have your galvanizing carried out in a sustainable and pioneering manner

We think green. The ZINKPOWER Group has its own strict environmental standards. Also in countries where ecological factors are less important, legal provisions are not as stringent or even inexistent.

We are setting new standards in environmental protection – with concepts that are economical and sustainable and guarantee first class results. This was how the ZINKPOWER Group devised the term ‘green-dip galvanizing’ from hot-dip galvanizing.

Our basic principles

  • The responsible way to treat the environment is a significant element of  our business philosophy.
  • Our companies have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 –  the globally recognised standard for commitment to environmental protection in  companies.
  • All German companies are DIN 50001-certified
  • Systematic use of state-of-the-art technology in all plants.
  • Every investment is examined in advance regarding energy consumption and  environmental compatibility.
  • Our in-house team of experts plans and optimises our production plants to  ensure that they are all operated without waste water.
  • Waste heat is recovered by heat exchangers and recycled.
  • Residual and valuable materials are collected, returned or recycled.

Sustainability enshrined as a permanent component of the company’s DNA

Since the company was set up in 1973, environmental aspects have played a key role in defining decisions when growing the ZINKPOWER Group. It is still remarkable today in hindsight: the central importance of environmental protection and sustainability, which was enshrined in the company’s own corporate philosophy at an early stage. From the very start, it was one of the driving forces when setting up the company at the initiative of the founder Willi Kopf – at a time when the environmental movement in Germany hardly existed and the environmental issue by no means held the importance in the metalworking industry that it holds today.

ZINKPOWER Willi Kopf GmbH & Co. KG 2003 was therefore one of the first hot-dip galvanizing companies in Germany to be certified in accordance with the ISO EN 14001 environmental management system. As far back as 2000, the state of Lower Austria awarded the state’s environmental prize to ZINKPOWER Brunn. The certification requirements and internal stipulations apply to all the companies within the Group – regardless of how strict the requirements are worded in the respective countries.

Setting, meeting and exceeding targets...

... to implement sustainability measures in production processes. We orientate ourselves in this respect to the stipulations imposed within the environmental regulatory framework: to a far greater extent we have prescribed our own, generally more exacting targets. This applies in particular to the use of energy and resources.

Not standing still

Acting in an environmentally sustainable manner does not just mean upholding the status quo, but rather directs our gaze from the present to the future.