The ZINKPOWER Group's environmental standards
  • Hot-dip galvanizing is green-dip galvanizing by ZINKPOWER

Environmental protection - but of Course

We think green. The ZINKPOWER Group has its own strict environmental standards, including in countries where ecological factors are less important, and legal provisions are not as stringent or even non-existent.

We also set new standards in environmental protection – with concepts that are economical and sustainable and guarantee first-class results. This was how the ZINKPOWER Group devised the term green-dip-galvanizing from the English term for hot-dip galvanizing.

Our basic principles

  • Responsible environmental protection is a significant element of our corporate philosophy
  • All our companies are certified to prove that their processes comply with DIN EN ISO 14001 – the globally recognised confirmation that workshops operate to environmental protection standards
  • All our plants are equipped with the latest technology
  • All our investments are analysed in terms of energy consumption and environmental sustainability
  • Our production facilities are designed and optimised by our own team of experts
  • Heat exchangers capture and reuse waste heat
  • Residual and reusable materials are collected, recycled or returned to the system
  • More information on environmental protection within the ZINKPOWER Group is available here:

Hot-dip galvanizing with the ZINKPOWER Group is environmentally-friendly and guarantees the highest quality. Now you can also have your galvanizing carried out in a sustainable and pioneering manner!