• Hot-dip galvanized steel builds the main construction of the roof at Sony Center in Berlin.

Spin galvanizing of small parts high/normal temperature

This process is generally used for small parts, i.e. connecting components, such as bolts, fittings, high-tension bolts, pins, chains, brackets, hinges and accessories for motor vehicles, marquee structures and scaffolding.

Depending on their size, small parts are either galvanized at normal temperature (approx. 450°C) or at high temperature (approx. 530°C). The components are centrifuged following galvanizing to remove excess zinc.

The advantages

  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Excellent fit
  • Even zinc coating
  • No subsequent thread-cutting
  • No zinc noses or runners

Our range of services

  • ZINKPOWER Braunschweig operates a plant for galvanizing small parts. Components measuring 8 – 500 mm, each weighing up to 30 kg, can be spin galvanized within the high or normal temperature range.

  • Our Austrian site, ZINKPOWER Vorchdorf, offers spin galvanizing for components measuring 8 - 500 mm

  • Our Group of companies means we can also offer you this service from many sites in Germany, Austria, Hungary and in Slovakia