Spin galvanizing high/normal temperature

Corrosion Protection for small parts

The ZINKPOWER Group offers a broad range of corrosion protection and hot-dip galvanizing to meet our customers’ specific needs. Apart from the traditional job galvanizing of steel and metal, the many galvanizing plants within our group of companies also offers the galvanizing of small parts in high and normal temperature processes.

This hot-dip galvanizing process is generally used for the corrosion protection of small parts, including connecting components such as bolts, fittings, high-tension bolts, pins, chains, hinges and accessories for motor vehicles, tent structures and scaffolding.
Small parts depending on their size are either galvanized at normal temperature (ca. 450 °C) or at high temperature (ca. 530 °C). The components are centrifuged following galvanizing in order to remove excessive zinc.

All steel structures and metal construction projects, such as bridges, traffic constructions, wind turbines or industrial buildings, are continuously exposed to corrosive influences. Extremely high-performance corrosion protection is needed to achieve longer periods of use. These complex structures generally consist of individual hot-dip galvanized steel components assembled in situ. Bolted connections provide an installation-friendly solution for this, although corrosion on these joint materials can jeopardise the stability of the whole structure.

The following holds true as a rule of thumb: hot-dip galvanized bolts, nuts and washers are also needed for hot-dip galvanized components. Only by doing so can a consistently high level of corrosion protection be ensured.

The advantages

  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Excellent fit
  • Even zinc coating
  • No subsequent thread-cutting
  • No zinc noses or runners

Our range of services

  • ZINKPOWER Braunschweig operates a plant for galvanizing small parts. Components measuring 8 – 500 mm, each weighing up to 6 kg, can be spin galvanized within the high or normal temperature range.

  • Our Austrian site, ZINKPOWER Vorchdorf, offers spin galvanizing for components measuring 8 - 500 mm

  • Our Group of companies means we can also offer you this service from many sites in Germany, Austria, Hungary and in Slovakia