Converter platform

BorWin beta is one of the giants of offshore industry. The converter platform rests in the North Sea some 125 km from the coast, to the north-west of the island of Borkum. Weighting over 10,000 tonnes and measuring an impressive 35 metres high, 51 metres wide and 72 metres long, the installation was a technical and logistical challenge. The yellow steel colossus is one of Germany's first self-aligning offshore converter platforms. Positioned on its foundation after being towed for 24 hours, the upward pointing platform legs were threaded into the foundation and fixed in place there. The platform was then lifted on its legs a good 20 metres above the water level.

The task of BorWin beta is to convert the single-phase power generated by the 80 wind turbines into three-phase power, to ensure that it reaches the mainland without major transmission losses.

ZINKPOWER Rostock was contracted to carry out the hot-dip galvanizing of all hydraulic pipes, various steel components and railings. A total of 150 tonnes of steel elements were galvanized for this project, some of which were subsequently powder coated. The pipes for the hydraulic systems were additionally phosphatised.