Eye-catcher in Schönbuch area

In the south-west of Germany, close to Herrenberg there is a hill called Stellberg. On top it offers a magnificent panoramic view over the Schönbuch Nature Park to the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb. A lookout has been installed with 35 m height, called Schönbuch tower. From this lookout the nature experience for the visitors literally gets a new perspective.

Stahlbau Urfer was awarded the German Metal Construction Prize 2019 in the category "steel construction" for the realization of this complex tower. We congratulate the company Urfer on being awarded the coveted German Metal Construction Prize 2019. It is a pleasure for us - ZINKPOWER Willi Kopf - to know that our hot-dip galvanizing protects the stairs and pavements of the steel platforms against corrosion in the long term.

Successful combination of different materials

Two staircases running in opposite directions as well as three viewing platforms at heights of ten, twenty and thirty meters are the central elements of the tower. The stairs wind upwards as logarithmic spirals. The distance between the stairs and the center of the tower increases continuously from step to step. Eight wooden poles made of 24 larch wood trunks and a filigree-looking stainless steel cable net ensure the stability of the entire structure.