Key cross

Verzinkerpreis 2015
German Galvanizer Award 2015
1st prize for metal design

Alfred Bullermann developed the idea of designing a cross - made of four keys - for the chapel of the St. Elizabeth House Care Centre in Friesoythe. The three-dimensional key cross, which is 2.2 metres high, has been designed and produced from nearly 3000 keys. The surface was carefully galvanized, so that the light-weight structure does not become distorted.

Master blacksmith Bullermann wanted to involve the church community in his project. This way, a close personal relationship could be established between the community members and the cross. In “key sermons”, the call went out for keys from private households that were no longer needed to be donated for the cross. Each donated key stands for a story that will be retained in the cross.

The keys were joined together by point welding in a box-shaped cross mould, in the form of a cross that appears very three-dimensional and transparent, yet simultaneously lightweight and solid. The surface of this filigree work of art was carefully galvanized by our specialists at ZINKPOWER Remels, so that the lightweight structure does not become distorted. The silver-coloured zinc surface was left this way to additionally give the cross a harmonious appearance; it forms a successful contrast to the bronze body of Christ. The Galvanizer Prizejudging panel is of the opinion that, with this unusual, contemporary and simultaneously very personal design, the metal designer has succeeded in creating a work of art, worthy of a sacred space. It is down-to-earth and linked to everyday life and church visitors can identify with it.

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Source: Industrieverband Feuerverzinken