• Borwin Beta

Profes­sionals for maritime corrosion protection

Shipyards were always a key economic sector in Rostock and the entire region of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The sector is changing: new solutions are sought and found. However, one constant is the need for hot-dip galvanizing as reliable corrosion protection. ZINKPOWER Rostock has been successfully assisting its customers for 20 years and has thus become a firm variable for corrosion protection in the maritime sector, as the current example shows:

BorWin beta is one of the giants of offshore industry. The converter platform rests in the North Sea some 125 km from the coast, to the north-west of the island of Borkum. Its task is to convert the single-phase power generated by the 80 wind turbines into three-phase power, to ensure that it reaches the mainland without major transmission losses. Find out more information.

Whether for use on water or on land, the Rostock team treats every order with the same care and with the same high quality standards. The galvanizing plant is situated in the Rostock seaport, on the premises of the Neptune shipyard, which has a long tradition. The service and expertise of Rostock's galvanizers attracts many steel and metalworkers, from the surrounding region as well. We offer transport services in the regions of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and northern Brandenburg. ZINKPOWER Rostock also offers the new coating solutions ZINKPOWER Standard, Premium and Extreme.

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