Kö Bridge in Duesseldorf gleams

Believe it or not, a total of 3,500 lights flood Düsseldorf's Kö Bridge on the Steinstraße in a glistening Advent light. Back in the 1950s was the last time that there was last a comparably impressive Christmas lighting display on the Königsallee. Christian Loogen and his team at Mehler Anlagenbau based their design on the historical model. Then as now, a three times three metre large star shines over the arch.

The light display is facilitated by a 40-metre long, 15-metre high double-arch construction made of hot-dip galvanized colour coated steel. ZINKPOWER Krieger sites in Hilden and Remels in East Friesland provided corrosion protection. Loogen also found the space he needed in Hilden to assemble the individual components and equip them with bulbs.

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