At two sites, in the northwest and south central USA, new standards are being set in terms of corrosion prevention and environmental protection.

OREGON - Portland

Since November 1st, 2019 we have been the proud owners of our second US location. Galvanizers Company in Portland, Oregon is now a part of the ZINKPOWER Group. The company was purchased from owner and daughter of the founder, Hester Nau. With a 14m (43 feet) kettle, her experienced management and production teams will continue to provide excellent service to the northwestern United States hot-dip galvanizing market.

TEXAS - Waco

While ZINKPOWER has been active in North America for over 12 years, we have only recently broken ground for our first plant in the United States. September 2019 marks the date we began the process of building ZINKPOWER Waco in the Heart of Texas.  Everything is bigger in Texas and our plant is no exception. With a kettle length of over 18.3 meters (60 feet), our new Texas plant will be the largest in our company and perfect for the American hot-dip galvanizing market.

Reichlich Platz bietet die geplante Verzinkungsanlage

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