It runs like butter on hot toast

How do 15 tons of hot-dip galvanized steel get to a Island? Wind, weather, the tides, but also the self-sufficient location regularly present holm residents with challenges and inspire enormous creativity. This was also the case when it came to solving the logistics question, because there is no bridge from Nordstrandischmoor to the mainland or a direct ship connection.


Wind from the north-east, wind force 8, horizontal rain and visibility as far as the eye can see. This truly can be the weather conditions on Nordstrandischmoor, an island in the German Wadden Sea during the winter months. Standing strong is a challenge: for humans and animals, as well as for the island itself and for steel.


Climatically induced, stronger and also more frequent storms are increasingly affecting life on the island. The rise in sea level could even make them disappear altogether. As part of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea Biosphere Reserve, the islands are guaranteed special protection and support. One of the funded projects is the raising of the Norderwarft on Nordstrandischmoor and the construction of a new machinery and storage building with an escape room. This will also provide the residents of the dwelling mound with a safe haven during the most severe storm surges.

In an exposed location, the plateau of the mound is 6.75 meters above sea level, the hall is exposed to extremes: During storms, extreme wind loads of up to 1.26 kN/m² act on the steel structure. In addition, there is a highly corrosive atmosphere (C5) that causes steel to corrode in a very short time, even in the interior of cold buildings. Whereas in the area of influence of the "rural area" - C4 - steel structures of buildings are sometimes only protected by a wet paint coating, the conditions on Nordstandischmoor require a much more powerful corrosion protection. In the weathered outdoor area, a duplex coating would be indispensable to achieve the necessary corrosion protection. In the interior, however, where the steel supporting structure will be located after completion of the building, hot-dip galvanizing with an average coating thickness of 115 - 125 ym is sufficient to protect the steel for many decades. The 15.3 tons of steel were hot-dip galvanized by ZINKPOWER Neumünster (Germany).

Urlaub auf der Hallig


Nordstrandischmoor lies 3 km off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein. The small island is also known locally as Lüttmoor. Only 23 inhabitants live on the little island, four children attend Germany's smallest school and the "Halligkrog" provides for their well-being. Twice a day, large areas of the Wadden Sea dry up. Day visitors then come to the island by foot through the Wadden Sea. The only connection to the North German mainland is the Loredamm at Beltringharder Koog, north of Husum.