ZINKPOWER goes Bauhaus –

traditional modernity meets sustainable corrosion protection

A premiere at the Building Culture Convention in Potsdam: the bauhausTWINS installation, a large-scale spatial assemblage by zukunftsgeraeusche GbR, encourages visitors to engage with the legacy of modernity. During the Bauhaus year of 2019, the installation is doing to tour Central and Eastern Europe as a central piece in a festival featuring the Goethe-Institut and further partners.

bauhausTWINS is a walk-in installation of reused façade elements from the studio house façade of the Dessau Bauhaus, dating back to major refurbishment measures performed in 1976.

The window and door elements were removed on the occasion of another refurbishment of the Bauhaus building conducted in 2011. The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation provided the elements to zukunfsgeraeusche, as part of the overall bauhaus reuse project.

The installation comprises a hot-dip galvanized steel construction, from which the reused elements are suspended in varying constellations. The construction is open on all sides and it offers different spatial impressions and access options from every direction.

“When we were asked to take care of hot-dip galvanizing for the installation, we agreed without much hesitation,” Peter Siemund, Regional Director East for the ZINKPOWER group, remembers. “Technically speaking, hot-dip galvanizing of the structure turned out to be a very standard job. However, it was a great honour that we were offered the opportunity to act as a sponsor for a project of such high prestige. We consider the legacy of Bauhaus culture to form a significant part of artistic and historic construction activities in Germany to this day.”

Source: zukunftsgeraeusche GbR
© zgk, Till Budde