Volkswagen Parking deck Wolfsburg in galvanized steel structure

Volkswagen's unique global automotive city opened its gates in Wolfsburg. It covers an area of 25 hectares and doubles as a centre of excellence and provides visitors with entertainment of a special kind. Its landmark includes two automobile towers, rising 50 metres into the sky, which light up beautifully at night. The construction is an attractive and also technically enterprising design.

Each tower has 20 floors, a surface of 760 sq m and uses 475 tonnes of steel. ZINKPOWER Calbe hot-dip galvanized all parts to effectively protect the steel construction from corrosion. This was followed by a Duplex system coating, which guarantees cost-effective corrosion protection for decades to come.

Turm innen © DooMMeeR, Gesamtansicht © Christoph Radtke