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ZF Campus Friedrichshafen

The idea of transforming Friedrichhafen's former military quarters into a modern campus presented the planning architects with an exciting task: combining old with new and creating lots of space for people to meet up.

The challenge was appropriately solved by a new contemporary architectural building, which nestles harmoniously adjacent to the former U-shaped barracks building. Clean lines characterise the shape of the façade, even around the forum, the edges of which are broken by striking curves. The hot-dip galvanized shell alters the appearance of the campus building depending on the prevalent light conditions and thus becomes a mirror to the sky.

It virtually appears as if it were transferring the living drive within the campus to the outer shell. The unique appearance of the surface is created by the individual behaviour of the zinc-iron layer, produced during the galvanizing process. Every layer of steel produces a different zinc bloom and weathers individually, and yet it is nevertheless possible to produce a uniform entity from the "individual layers", as this example shows.

The façade elements and the load-bearing profiles of the sub-structure were hot-dip galvanized by ZINKPOWER Schörg in Fürstenfeldbruck.

© ZU/Nicolas Piepenstock, © ZU/Maurice Schönen