The term "compliance" is increasingly used in the public as a collective term for a wide range of issues within Corporate Social Responsibility. As a result, the term is becoming increasingly generalised and remote from its original meaning: adherence, abidance, observance = compliance.

At ZINKPOWER®, we regard compliance as adherence to applicable legislation and regulations, but also as compliance with our own values, guidelines and philosophy. Reliability is a fundamental given at ZINKPOWER® and is synonymous with reliable and clean management with regard to the environment and the consideration of all the stakeholders involved.

We assume responsibility towards our customers, employees, and all business partners in all hot dip galvanizing and powder coating plants worldwide.

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The Metal Alliance for Responsible Sourcing (MARS) is an important partner for tracking supply chains and fulfilling our duty of care.

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The requirements we demand from our business partners are summarised in our Supplier Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is also based on the values we practise and so should be recognised as such and practised in the same way by all our business partners.

Please find here a contact address for reporting violations to ensure that all the principles stated in our Code of Conduct are adhered to and that any deviations or violations of the principles can be identified. 

This address is available to all business partners and employees to inform us about violations of human rights, environmental and social standards, or other aspects of the Code of Conduct. 

We would assure you that any reports will reach the managing partners of the Kopf Holding company, Willi Kopf, Martin Kopf and Christine Marin, will be treated confidentially and will be prudently followed up. People who report a violation to the above address need not fear that they will suffer discrimination.