The Kopf Group

The Kopf Group consists of the Business Units ZINKPOWER® and POWER-CAST and employs a total of over 2,400 personnel in 10 countries. The registered office of Kopf Holding GmbH is Kirchheim/Teck near Stuttgart.


We are one of the world’s leading hot-dip galvanizing groups.
We are represented under the ZINKPOWER® brand with 37 zinc coating shops in 10 countries in Europe, America and Asia. We are also known for the versatility of our plants as well as quality and flexibility: from the smallest screw to steel girders, we are able to process all components in our Group, wherever our customers need us. Environmental protection is a deciding pillar in our philosophy, right from the start.


The Business Unit POWER-CAST includes the areas of compressed gas and lightweight construction systems in 8 locations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Mexico.

We manufacture components from aluminium, magnesium and zinc die-casting. We also develop and assemble lightweight construction systems from aluminium and magnesium die-casting and supply systems to the automobile industry.

Details on the Business Unit POWER-CAST are available at


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