What's still natural these days?

For us, it's hot-dip galvanising at the highest level. But that's not enough for us. What counts more for our customers and employees is that we act reliably, in a demonstrably sustainable way, with a social commitment, open-minded, personal and respectful. That's what's natural for us.


...... towards customers

    • Adherence to delivery dates
    • High galvanizing quality according to DIN EN ISO 1461
    • We have set trends in many countries as the first operator of DIN EN ISO 9001
      QM systems
    • DIN EN ISO 14001 is an integral component of our guidelines for operating systems on all continents and at all locations in which we are active
    • All European ZINKPOWER companies are certified according to the “U sign for the DASt (German Steel Commission) Guidelines 022” Certificate of Conformity 
    • Further information can be found here

    ... towards employees

    Only committed employees offer the best quality and service. Therefore, the following is self-evident for us

    • High self-responsibility of our employees
    • Compliance with and monitoring of the work safety regulations at every location worldwide
    • In-house training courses, where the employees are trained on our company guidelines, the technology, environmental protection measures and naturally, about hot-dip galvanizing

sustainable environmental protection

Here you will find information about green-dip-galvanizing

social committed

We not only talk about responsibility, we take it:

Each year, we become involved in numerous social projects in the local environment of our plants. The emphasis of this is mainly on promoting children who are reliant on support in order to obtain equal opportunities in education and participate in social life.



  • Local on site: 37 companies in 10 countries. Extensive, group-internal handling, if applicable – everything from a single source
  • We try to be where the customer needs us, with local management that speaks our customers’ language
  • Right from the start, our motto has been „Galvanizing unlimited“. For us, this means: unlimited in terms of the dimensions of the steel parts and our geographical accessibility. We serve all our customers in the same way, irrespective of the value of the order



  • … towards customers:

    • Highest group standards: Uniform high quality and extensive service in every plant worldwide
    • The union of our group makes us strong. We are in the position of delivering every task, regardless of the complexity, in consistently high quality and with comprehensive service from every plant worldwide. Just-in-time, wherever customers need us!
    • Family-managed group of companies

    … towards employees

    • Long-term objectives
    • Continuous investments in machining, buildings and working equipment


  • Our customers‘ satisfaction is the basis of our success
  • A key to our success is taking our local counterparts seriously and treating them in the same way that we would like to be treated 


Global Galvanizing Award goes to Vienna