The history of the Kopf Group

1973 Founding of a galvanizing shop in Göppingen by Magda and Willi Kopf
1979 Relocation of the plant to the newly built facilities in Schlierbach near Kirchheim/Teck
1986  Takeover of Brunner Verzinkerei Brüder Bablik, Austria - today ZINKPOWER Brunn
1988 Takeover of ZINKPOWER Bergheim, Austria
1989  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Klagenfurt, Austria
1991  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Radebeul, Germany
1992  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Moson, Hungary - the first firm outside the German-speaking countries
1994 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Roudnice, Czech Republic
1996  Start of production of ZINKPOWER Malacky, Slovakia 
1998  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Promptus, Czech Republic
1998 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Ostrava, Czech Republic 
1999 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Austrindo, Indonesia - the first firm outside Europe
2000  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Wiener Neustadt, Austria
2000  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Krieger, Germany
2000  Start of production of ZINKPOWER Coating, Austria 
2000 Takeover of 13 german galvanizing plants and one die-cast producer of Metaleurop Weiterverarbeitung GmbH - the largest deal in ZINKPOWER Group's history

Start of production of POWER-CAST Ortmann s.r.o., Czech Republic - producer of zinc die-cast parts 

2002  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Remels und ZINKPOWER Schopsdorf, Germany
2003 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Schönberg, Germany
2003  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Gratkorn, Austria
2003 Takeover of ZINKPOWER Bernau, Germany
2005 Takeover of ZINKPOWER Hückelhoven, Germany
2005  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Stettin, Poland
2007  Start of production of ZINKPOWER Monterrey, Mexico 
2007 Takeover of POWER-CAST Vobra, Germany - producer of aluminium die-cast parts
2007 Start of production of POWER-CAST Monterrey, Mexico - producer of aluminium and zinc die-cast parts
2008 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Batam Indo, Indonesia
2008  Takeover of POWER-CAST Zitzmann, Deutschland - producer of magnesium die-cast parts
2008 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Middle East, United Arab Emirates 
2010 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Wielkopolska, Poland
2010 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Martin, Slovakia
2010 Takeover of POWER-CAST Light Metal Solutions, Germany - producer of light metal systems
2011 Start of production of ZINKPOWER Buk, Poland
2013 Grand Opening of POWER-CAST Liaoning, China
2015  Start of production ZINKPOWER São Paulo, Brazil
2015  Takeover of ZINKPOWER Vorchdorf, Austria 
2016 Takeover of POWER-CAST Drumeta, Germany


Global Galvanizing Award goes to Vienna