Steel is the basis of your work. Protecting this is our task. And this is exactly what we concentrate on. More precisely, on the quality of the results. The ZINKPOWER® Group has a tradition of the highest quality.

Each step in the process is supervised and controlled by competent staff. You can therefore count on the highest quality and concentrate on what really matters when working with the ZINKPOWER® Group.

Our basic principles

  • We galvanize according to DIN EN ISO 1461.
  • All the businesses are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.
  • All European zinc coating shops since November 2009 have been certified according to the “U sign for the DASt (German Steel Commission) Guidelines 022” Certificate of Conformity.
  • Our own certified examiners and those certified according to the TÜV Nord in accordance with DIN EN 473 are available for carrying out magnetic particle testing.
  • All steps in the process are documented and can be followed up at any time.
  • In all process steps, our own employees are competent, well trained and concentrate fully on the task in hand.
  • We consistently follow the entire process so that specifications are not just fulfilled but exceeded. Steel is thus galvanized at each location in a zinc smelter of which the pure zinc content has already clearly exceeded the value stipulated in DIN EN ISO 1461 – and which now also exceeds the requirements of zinc bath class 1 of the DASt Guidelines 022.

Advice, service and the highest quality will ensure your success. Why don’t you also take a chance on a trusting partnership with the ZINKPOWER® Group?


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