Liebherr-MCCtec installed the world's most high-performance, rail-mounted heavy-duty gantry crane in Rostock's Overseas Port, significantly shaping the appearance of the port in future.

With a height of 164 metres, the crane even towers above Cologne Cathedral and Ulm Münster*. Its lifting capacity of up to 1600 tonnes combined with its lifting height of 112 metres make the TCC 7800 unique. Equipped with double bogeys (two rails per side) and a track gauge of 30 metres, the crane moves between Liebherr’s northern works site and the adjacent quay edge of the harbour. Apart from the company’s own logistics processes relating to production, initial construction and the shipping of maritime cranes, in future Liebherr will also offer customers of Rostock Port the opportunity to use the crane, opening up completely new logistics handling solutions.

The TCC 7800 is controlled from a cabin at a lofty height of 42 metres. The crane operator reaches the cabin by climbing up various ladders on several levels. ZINKPOWER Rostock provided corrosion protection for a total of 95 tonnes of ladders, platforms and steps. Following galvanizing, the parts were then colour coated, protecting them from the corrosive effects of the maritime climate.

*Cologne Cathedral North Tower 157.38 m, Ulm Münster West Tower 161.53 m

Photos: © Liebherr