Samba olé!

Magnificently decorated dancers moving rhythmically to fiery samba sounds were nowhere to be seen – it still got extremely on the 5th of May 2015 in Artur Noguiera, Brazil.

Steel meets liquid zinc, at 450 degrees. With the first order from a Brazilian greenhouse vendor, the starting shot was symbolically fired for hot-dip-galvanizing at our new ZINKPOWER São Paulo location.

With a population of 20.5 million, the São Paulo metropolitan area is the most important economic and financial centre in Brazil and is one of the ten largest industrial areas in the world.

The 13-metre-long galvanizing kettle is at the heart of the plant. With this, ZINKPOWER is well-prepared to meet customer requests and requirements. The entire plant technology was designed and built by our own dedicated engineering team; because the Group’s standards apply worldwide



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