Pioniering achievement

"The love that iron has for oxygen causes great suffering because of the rust it produces..." But for its nostalgic tone, it could be assumed that this statement was made recently. It is, however, a quote from a textbook entitled, ‘Die chemische Behandlung der Rohstoffe’ (‘The chemical treatment of raw materials’) that was published as long ago as 1877.

Beginning of 20 century copper became scarce and demand for wash boilers made from sheet iron grew as a result. Heinrich Bablik decided to establish a hot-dip galvanizing plant at Brunn am Gebirge in 1916 with the aim of protecting this type of boiler from corrosion. His sons – Dr Hans Bablik and Prof. Dr Heinz Bablik – took over the company and founded BBB – Brunner Verzinkerei Brüder Bablik – in 1926. The location was soon to become the centre for hot-dip galvanizing and Prof. Heinz the authority for all aspects of the process.

One hundred years after the introduction, there are virtually no limits to the application of hot-dip galvanizing. In the meantime Brunner Verzinkerei Brüder Bablik became ZINKPOWER Brunn. To remind the history of the company there are still three B´s in the Logo of the company.