Energy Bunker Hamburg

Verzinkerpreis 2015
German Galvanizer Award 2015
1st prize for architecture

An indestructible block of reinforced concrete becomes a green power plant and awakens to a new life. The example of the Hamburg Energy Bunker illustrates how a change of use can be realised successfully. The Galvanizer Prize 2015 was awarded with the reason: “The filigree of the galvanized steel and the heaviness of the concrete complement one another in an aesthetically extremely effective counterpoint.”

Even more: With the opening of the Café <vju>, life is restored to it. The surrounding viewing terrace of the café at a height of 30 m, allows a 360-degree view over large parts of Hamburg and entices numerous visitors.

The new heart of the old bunker is a water tank with a storage capacity of 2,000 cubic metres, in which heat is buffered, in order to be available when it is needed. Four independent sources feed the large thermal buffer: Waste heat from a nearby industrial operation becomes useful heat, a biomethane combined heating and power plant, together with a wood chipping combustion plant in the lower ground floor of the bunker and the solar thermal plant on the roof, constantly ensure replenishment. A photovoltaic plant on the south side generates electricity.

As with the energy generation process, sustainability was also the emphasis for the execution of the metal construction. The more than 3,000 m² of the solar and photovoltaic plant are attached with 270 tons of steel lattice. The up to 15.30-metre-long girders and pipes received their corrosion protection at ZINKPOWER Remels. There, the parts were galvanized and then passivated, also using a dipping process.

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