German Museum of Technology, Berlin

The staircases in the Technical Museum were hot-dip galvanized by ZINKPOWER Neumünster on behalf of the company Butzkies.

Founded in 1982, the German Museum of Technology is part of the long tradition of several technical historical collections that remained in Berlin for over 120 years and some of the stocks of which found a new home here. Several of these were destroyed or relocated in the Second World War.

Near the Potsdamer Platz, this technical cultural forum is in an unmistakeable location: the Gleisdreieck on the grounds of the former Anhalter Goods Station. The large museum park with wind mills and water mills, a blacksmith’s and a brewery is a natural oasis in the centre of the major city

The contemporary architecture of the new building for Shipping and Aviation fits in with the historical grounds that have been growing since 1874 into an exciting unit. With the “Candy Bomber” on the façade, the extension sets a significant urbanistic tone.

The German Museum of Technology communicates a multi-faceted spectrum of old and new technology and its varied references to culture and history of everyday human life. It is an interactive place to live and learn with its daily presentations, visitor activities and conducted tours.
An extensive, technically historical Context.Scope.Library and the historical archive complete the offer.