Hyper-Coaster inside

Der Schwur des KÄRNAN” ride at the HANSA-PARK (Northern Germany) is unique and seeks its equal. The Hyper-Coaster runs for 1,235 metres and has a 79-metre high tower at its centre. The carriages turn upside down as they travel through the dark to then drop impressive 67 metres into the depths.
One thing is clear here: safety is a top priority.

A frame staircase made from 30 tonnes of hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel was erected inside the tower to provide access for workers to carry out maintenance and service work on the ride.

This means that it is not necessary for the park operator to carry out any maintenance measures on the stair structure itself over the long term. The demands made on how long protection against corrosion could be ensured were analysed before the order was placed. Due to the fact that the stair structure is located inside the tower, the customer wanted the ZINKPOWER Coating Standard to be applied to the steel elements. The steel components were therefore hot-dip galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461 and chemically pre-treated, after which a single layer of powder-coating in the RAL9005 colour using a weatherproof polyester powder coating system was applied. In total the corrosion protection is around 200 µm thick.

Both coating services were carried out for the customer by the ZINKPOWER companies in Schönberg and Neumünster, Germany.