Car park covering at Linz Airport

A car park at Linz Airport spanning 3,000 m² was covered using funnel-shaped membranes joined together thus giving the airport a highly visible, modern impression with this extraordinary design.
The inner membrane spares the onlooker any view of the steel construction. The shadows cast on the membrane, which change throughout the course of the day indicate the presence of the supporting structure.
A membrane of PVC-lined polyester tissue with 10 per cent light transmission and seven per cent solar transmission is used as roof panelling. This keeps the light within the car park and the vehicles are prevented from overheating.

ZINKPOWER Moson hot-dip galvanized the steel frames on which the funnel membranes were fastened. A total of ca. 145 tonnes of steel and ca. 3,400 m² of membranes were used.