Austrian Steel Construction Prize 2013: Vienna Central Railway Station

We congratulate our longstanding partner, Unger Steel Group, on winning the Austrian Steel Construction Prize 2013! The company was awarded the prize for the implementation of the complex diamond roof of the new Vienna Central Railway Station.  Unger has therefore shown its prowess by winning the Austrian Steel Construction Prize  for the third time within only five years.

The intention was to make the railway station and the surrounding district bright, comfortable and friendly.  The absolute eye-catcher is the recently awarded diamond roof made of steel, at a size of more than 31,000 m2. Comprised of 14 huge diamond roofs, which span the platforms at a height of 15 metres, it will welcome travellers to Austria’s capital city from now on. An opening of around 180 m2 in the middle of each diamond, with an integrated glass element, guarantees a bright atmosphere that is flooded with light. The steel structure grows a bit each day, as if in time-lapse mode. So far, around 4,200 tons of steel have been used for the construction. And the project has only reached “half-time”. The timetable for building is being more than met – the Unger Steel Group is realising the landmark more quickly than planned, in record time.

ZINKPOWER Brunn, in cooperation with ZINKPOWER Moson, was selected as the partner for galvanising the steel parts. For around 20 years, a close business relationship has existed between the two corporate groups, which frequently also extends to global projects. “Absolute adherence to schedules and the same quality from every zinc bath worldwide are of utmost importance for us”, says Martin Kopf, Managing Director of ZINKPOWER Brunn and adds: “Tight timetables frequently leave only one day for galvanising, so that the cooperation must be right.” It is evident here that we get it right. We are pleased to be part of this ambitious steel construction project.